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Step 1

Once you have held your Provisional or Open Car licence for 1 year you are eligible to apply for an RE learner licence. You then need to:

Step 2

There is a requirement for you to hold your RE Learner licence for a minimum period of 3 months allowing you time to further develop your skills and gain experience. During this time, you must be supervised by a person who holds an open licence for the class of motorcycle you are learning to ride and they must have held this for at least 1 year.

Step 3

You are now eligible to attend a 1-day Restricted (RE) Q-Ride course and if you demonstrate your competency during the course we will issue you with a Q-Ride certificate to enable you to gain your RE licence. Once you have your licence you can ride any LAMS bike unsupervised. You will need to ensure you have zero alcohol when riding for the first year and you are unable to carry a pillion passenger during that time.

As the LAMS bikes cover up to 650cc depending on the power/weigh ratio of the bike, many people don’t upgrade but if you want to ride something bigger or faster then…

Step 4

After holding your Restricted licence for two years  you can attend our ½ Day Unrestricted R Q-Ride course and again demonstrate your competency on a non LAMS bike you will be able to upgrade your licence to an R licence holder allowing you to ride any size bike.

Learner Resources

Still not sure how to get your motorbike licence?

Are you not sure which of the motorcycle licence courses you need to attend, then call us on (07) 4408 0050 for questions Streetwise Motorbike Training- Q-Ride Townsville or book online.