79 Perkins Street West
South Townsville
Q-Ride Provider 474S0913
Open 7 days 24 hrs online for bookings
Office open 5 days a week
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Townsville’s best training facility

What can you expect when you attend a Q-Ride course with us

We boast Townsville’s best training facility with two dedicated training pads, modern amenities, and air-conditioned training rooms for some relief from the warmer weather in Townsville.

Firstly we aim to have a relaxed environment where everyone can train at their own pace. No rush no pressure. None of us train well in a pressure situation. Our trainers deliver the courses in a way that riders can thrive in their learning.

Bikes – great bikes. Our bikes are new, newish or pretty close! They are in great condition, always serviced and great to ride. They may not always be the type of bike you would choose to buy but we have supplied these as they are great for a Q-Ride course. They all have good seating positions for our activities and we have a range of bikes with different features such as ABS, naked and trail bikes and more.

Activities – We are Q-Ride Service Providers for the Department of Transport. The Q-Ride course focus is to improve the quality of motorcycle learner rider training, boost education and awareness and enhance road safety. It is a competency-based training and assessment program that aims to ensure participants reach a demonstrated level of skill and proficiency as a motorbike rider.

Our goal is to create a relaxed training environment that allows everyone, regardless of experience and skill, to enjoy learning and developing their motorcycle skills. If you are seeking some refresher training, want to gain some more confidence before getting out on the road, or have a new bike you can attend any of the Q-Ride courses we offer. Streetwise Q-Ride course trainers (male & female) are experienced, patient and will assist you throughout the course.