Types of licences

We get a lot of calls from people wanting to get their opens or asking if they can ride a Harley or their R1 on their RE license.

It can be confusing to know the different types of licenses; understand how you qualify and what steps you need to follow to gain the license that suits your needs.

There are three levels of motorbike licences:

  • RE L (Motorcycle Learners for a restricted engine bike – up to 650cc roughly but dependent on the power weight ratio of the bike, requires a supervisor to ride with you
  • RE Licence for a restricted engine bike (LAMS bike)
  • R Unrestricted Licence

Points to remember

  • Everyone must attend the 2-day Pre Learner course to gain your RE Learners. This requirement is for everyone regardless of your experience. The only exception is if you live further than 100 kilometers from a Q-Ride Provider. You are then able to follow the Q-Safe program, but this means you must keep your learners for longer 12 months) before being allowed to gain your RE licence.
  • Once you have gained your license you will be able to ride a motorbike on the LAM list. LAM Scheme list of approved motorcycles.
  • Once you are on your learners, you must have a suitably qualified supervisor ride with you or follow you in their car (they must have held their RE or R licence for a minimum of one year).
  • If after holding your RE License for 24 months you wish to ride a bike with a larger engine capacity or a bike that is not on the LAMS list you will need to re book with us in Townsville and attend a short Unrestricted Q-Ride course. Please note: You are not able to learn to ride a non LAMS bike until you have held your RE licence for 2 years.

For any questions feel free to chat with us on (07) 4408 0050 or email us at info@streetwisegroup.com.au.