Streetwise Bikes is fully operational, in accordance with current protocols, and actively supporting those that have booked training during these challenging times.  Our team is ready to help in any way we can. We care about our customers and staff therefore we have implemented non-contact infrared temperature checks prior to course commencement. If you have shown symptoms or been in a hot spot please contact the office and we will happily reschedule your course for a later date.

Pre-Learner Motorcycle Licence Course - $400

2 Day Course

This course is for anyone wanting to gain their motorcycle learner licence. It is a mandatory course regardless of age or experience to gain your learners.

RE Motorcycle Licence Course - $300

1 Day Course

The Q-Ride course is designed to help you further develop your riding knowledge and skills and is designed for people who have some riding experience or who completed the two day pre-learner course.

R Motorcycle Licence Course - $250

1/2 Day Course

The Q-Ride Unrestricted course is designed to reinforce your riding knowledge and skills and further develop your higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies on a non LAMS bike.

Group Riding Training - $60

1.5 Hours

Group Riding Training is a structured training environment aimed to increase your on-road skills and your ability to ride in groups safely while applying safe riding strategies.

Advanced Rider Level 1 - $300

1 Day Course

This course is for all levels of riders whether you have recently gained your licence, perhaps just purchased a new bike, returning riders and those that want to improve their braking and cornering skills. You will need suitable riding gear and your own bike for this course.

Advanced Rider Level 2 - $300

1 Day Course

Our Level 2 course will help you become the best and safest rider on the road, so your daily or social commutes go much smoother.

Maintenance & Safety Checks - $50

1.5 Hour Course

This program is designed to help riders have an understanding of the importance of regular safety checks and good maintenance.

Private Lesson - $100

1 Hour Lessons

Private lessons are a great way of improving skills in whatever riding situation you are in.